Wetlands Mitigation

San Diego River Wetland Creation

San Diego River Riparian Restoration San Diego River Riparian Restoration San Diego River Riparian Restoration

The San Diego River Wetland Creation Project is located within the San Diego River watershed. To create a wetland basin with hydrological conditions to support native riparian vegetation, a portion of the San Diego River was widened by lowering existing elevations to create a wetland basin.

This project included native habitat restoration to establish 3.43 acres of riparian woodlands, 2.06 acres of Diegan coastal sage scrub, and 9.25 acres of native upland habitats.

During site clearing and grubbing, over 11,000 cubic yards of export materials was produced along with approximately 84,000 cubic yards of export from the excavation of the wetland basin. Excess soil was disposed of on-site and at two nearby parcels. The stockpile area was manually irrigated and hydroseeded with a native seed mix and exceeded the 25-month City landscape standards.

Key restoration components on this project included: hydroseeding, maintenance and replacement of erosion control measures, plant installation and maintenance, and temporary irrigation installation.