Construction Services

As a California A-General Engineering licensed contractor we provide full-service engineering and landscape contracting for installation and long-term maintenance of California native habitat and associated public infrastructure installation and repair. This offers a significant advantage for our clients who prefer a licensed contractor paired with the expertise of our specially-trained staff for working in natural ecosystems.

We team with Dudek's habitat designers, landscape architects, engineers and construction professionals to provide turn-key contracting for public and private land and infrastructure development.

  • Heavy equipment for right-of-way underground
  • Storm drain installation/repair
  • Rip rap and beach wall repair
  • Ephemeral drainage permitting, repairs and maintenance
  • Saltwater marsh and freshwater marsh creation and enhancement
  • Concrete headwalls and catch basins
  • Energy dissipaters
  • Bioswale installation, permitting and design
  • Right-of-way erosion control and Best Management Practices (BMP)
  • Operated equipment rental